What is Cosmetic Orthodontics?

Have you put off seeking orthodontic treatment because you did not have any related health concerns or because you did not like the appearance of the treatment options available to you? If you said yes, you might be what we consider a cosmetic orthodontic patient.

At Johnson Family Orthodontics, we don’t believe health issues must be present to make adjustments to your smile. We also understand that not every patient wants or needs a very heavy-duty, obvious treatment option like metal braces. Before we get into all that, though, let’s talk first about what cosmetic orthodontics is.

Is Cosmetic Orthodontics A Makeup Brand You Buy At The Store?

Nope—and thankfully so, if you ask us! If you could buy it at the store, our Johnson Family Orthodontics team would be out of the job! (Though, truth be told, this is more than a job for every single one of our team members. Transforming your smiles is more like a passion—our life’s calling if you will.)

Cosmetic orthodontics is administering orthodontic care to someone with no related health conditions to solely change the cosmetics, or the physical appearance, of their smile.

Why Would Someone Want Orthodontic Care If Their Smile Doesn’t Cause Physical Issues?

Well, your smile affects more than just your physical health. Malocclusion, or the improper alignment of the bite, jaw, or teeth, can negatively impact a person’s quality of life. It’s been proven that people with straighter teeth are more likely to make friends, get dates, and receive job offers after face-to-face interviews. After a while, if we’re repeatedly shown that our cosmetic differences are “bad,” it can lead to low self-esteem and isolation. That could lead to anxiety, depression, poor academic or professional performance, and more.

People who are unhappy with their smiles but don’t have physical pain or other symptoms typically want to “fix” their appearance to boost their confidence and change people’s perception of them. At Johnson Family Orthodontics, we will always encourage you to be proud of your appearance, no matter your age or stage in treatment. At the same time, we also support you and provide treatment if you decide you want to make changes to your smile.

Do I Have To Get Plastic Surgery?

Technically, yes, you could see a plastic surgeon to change your facial appearance, but do you have to? No! Invasive, painful, and expensive surgery is not a requirement to achieve the smile of your dreams.

Technically (again), all of our treatment options can be used to help with cosmetic fixes, but we’ve found that patients who seek cosmetic results usually want their treatment to be stylish, too. They also prefer minimal disruption to their lifestyle and routines. Luckily, we have a few options that check all the boxes, and none of them require anesthesia or a surgical knife!


If this is not your first stop on the orthodontic research train, you’ve probably seen this name before. If this is your first stop, you’ve still probably seen the TV commercials when trying to unwind after work or school. On the slim chance you haven’t heard of Invisalign, don’t worry; we’ll tell you about it! 

Invisalign is the leading in-office clear aligner brand. Clear aligners are removable trays that straighten the teeth by applying pressure. They are widely loved for the nearly invisible look of the custom-fit transparent trays and the flexibility they offer patients with their removability. The custom aligners give patients personalized care best suited to their individual needs. Because the trays must be removed to eat, drink, and perform oral hygiene, patients can mostly maintain the same lifestyle and routine they enjoyed before starting treatment. 

Clear Braces

Invisalign is perfect for patients with mild issues who can remember to wear the removable trays for twenty-two hours a day, but it’s not for everybody. And that’s okay! We have other options.

For patients who have more complex issues than Invisalign can help with, or for patients who simply don’t want to have to remove their appliances at mealtime, we might suggest clear braces!

These are almost identical to their metal counterpart in how they work. The only difference is their materials! Whereas metal braces use—you guessed it!—metal brackets, clear braces use a ceramic blend. When paired with matching ligatures (the elastics that hold the wire to the bracket), it gives the illusion of clear braces. Patients can enjoy an aesthetically pleasing treatment option with most of the advantages of metal braces.

Lingual Braces

For the best of both worlds, consider lingual braces! Like metal and clear braces, lingual braces are bonded to the teeth, meaning only Dr. Johnson can remove the appliance. 

These offer the discretion of clear aligners by sitting behind the teeth but have the ability to fix complex issues like braces! No one will know you are in treatment unless you tell them! 

What is Cosmetic Orthodontics?

Great! How Do I Get Started?

We have everything you need at Johnson Family Orthodontics to make cosmetic adjustments to your smile in the most aesthetically pleasing way. 

To discover if you are a candidate for cosmetic orthodontic care, you can contact our office or click here to schedule a free consultation. 

We hope to see you soon at Johnson Family Orthodontics! We look forward to showing you how fun and exciting orthodontic care can be while providing you with life-changing care. The sooner you visit us, the sooner you’ll see the results, so don’t delay!