Live. Grow. Smile.

Your smile is the window to your personality. You’ll want to trust a Salem orthodontist who's committed to giving you a stunning smile and an experience that's second to none.

At Johnson Family Orthodontics, we’re all about giving you ridiculously beautiful teeth to match your smile. That's why we're standing by to help patients of all ages build their confidence through comfortable braces and Invisalign.

Why Choose JFO?

We believe that improving your new smile will be the most important investment you'll ever make in yourself. At JFO, we're here to walk you step-by-step through the process, working alongside your family through the treatment, the logistics, and the finances until we reach a perfect result for you or your child.

Whether you choose conventional braces, clear braces, or Invisalign, you'll radiate confidence and love how you look and feel. So come as you are.

Here, comfort and experience are paramount. Schedule a free consultation to let us help you Live, Grow and Smile ; )

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Dr. Cole Johnson

Dr. Cole Johnson

Dr. Cole Johnson was born and raised in good ol’ Salem, Oregon. After graduating from Sprague High School as the “1999 Mr. Olympian,” he went on to do other less-public, less-embarrassing things. (Like helping you feel healthy and awesome through orthodontics.)

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