Starring… Zac Efron and his NEW smile

Not only is our man Zac starring in the hit new movie The Greatest Showman, he’s also stunning crowds with his new and improved smile that he got right here at JFO! ­čÖé

Rock Solid Smile

The only thing sweeter than the Rock’s biceps is his brand-new smile… courtesy of JFO ­čÖé

Grey’s Orthodontics

As they say, McDreamy wasn’t built in a day… We won’t take credit for his stunning smile, but if the shoe fits ­čśë

The Boy Who Smiled

Harry Potter finally has a smile bright enough to deter even the darkest of wizards… with the help of a little JFO magic of course!

Queen B is for Braces

Beyonce is always lovely, but especially so when she’s flashing a little extra bling. Those braces have GOT to be diamond encrusted!!

Steph Curry with the shot… and the smile!!

It’s that time of year again! With the NBA playoffs right around the corner, the last of Steph’s worries should be whether or not his smile is up to par, which is why we took care of it for him! Be sure to catch the MVP’s new smile on the court:)  

An Award Winning Smile:)

Our boy Leo finally got his Oscar (and some shiny new braces to match!!!) If you turn up the volume at the end of his acceptance speech you can hear him thank JFO for the stunning new smile;)

Say “Hello” to Adele’s new braces!

She may be 25 now, but it’s never too late to have a great smile! Adele asked us to fix those snaggly English teeth, and Bob’s your uncle! She has a brilliant smile.

Try Miley Cyrus’s favorite treat today at JFO!

You thought we couldn’t spoil you enough. JFO is now announcing our new,┬ácomplementary, and magical┬átreat:┬áUNICORN POOP.┬áFavored by the likes of Miley Cyrus and provided by her kitten, Shanti Om Bb, Unicorn Poop is all celebrities are eating these days with their fuzzy feline friends.

Zayn’s big secret: Braces! The real reason he left…

Exclusive! Wondering why Zayn left? We have the answer… He just got his braces with JFO! While in Salem, Zayn admitted to us that it was hard leaving One Direction, but it was time he fixed his bite. If you too are a former teenage heartthrob or a meat-pie loving Brit, call us for a