Unicorns are epic, magical, and beautiful. So are smiles. For some, legendary Unicorns are an impossibility. To others, a perfect smile can seem just as impossible.




Orthodontic treatment is a life-changing and amazing adventure, but for many needy families it is as elusive as Unicorns. We believe strongly that everyone deserves a beautiful smile but we understand that for many it is simply not possible. At least – not without some help. When we realized that Braces for Foster children is not covered by the State we started brainstorming to figure out how we can help. We came up with two inseparable facts: 1) There is a HUGE need for help, and 2) There is a HUGE pool of people willing to help =) The Adopt-a-Unicorn program was born.



Here’s how it works:

Johnson Family Orthodontics accepts donations to supplement the cost of braces for Foster families and other needy children in Salem. 100% of these donations is used to provide the highest quality of Orthodontic treatment to the recipients. To be clear, these families don’t come to us and ask for help rather they are hand-picked from the community or offered the treatment at no cost or reduced cost once they become patients. Obviously the need far outweighs a single office’s ability to provide. So, in order to help the maximum number of children possible those who would like to help can donate to the cause.

Any donation is accepted. As a token of our gratitude for your help we’d love to shower you with our legendary JFO Swag – T-shirts, Water bottles, etc. But to those who donate $25 or more get to adopt our JFO mascot Unicorn, Mr. Sprinkles. This adorable brace-up stuffed Unicorn comes with an adoption certificate, special personalized collar, and all the gratitude we can muster for making another child’s dream come true.

Foster families have enough on their plate without having to worry about how they can pay for braces. Please come by the office to see how you can help give a Unicorn a home and a Foster kid a smile.