Financial Information

The investment you make toward your orthodontic treatment to improve your smile will be the most important money you spend on yourself. Period. If money is the reason that stops you from getting your dream smile then we haven’t done our job. JFO is committed to helping you find a way to make it work with your busy schedule and tight budget.

JFO treatment fees vary according to the time estimated for your individualized treatment and a few other factors. Our fees are all-inclusive. This means we do not charge for pre- and post-treatment records, braces removal, or retainers. An estimate of these fees will be provided during your first appointment at the complimentary consultation. Don’t worry, all financial arrangements will be thoroughly discussed with you before beginning treatment.

Financial Options

We offer various payment plans and work closely with you to find one that fits into your budget. Our payment and financing options include:

  • No interest, in-office financing: This usually consists of a down payment and then the balance divided into interest-free, monthly installments over the course of the treatment.
  • No down, low monthly payments through CareCredit®: This line of credit is separate from your credit cards. No annual fee, and no down-payment is necessary. This credit is generally approved within 30 minutes online or by phone. Contact our office so we can help guide you through the approval process.
  • Fee reductions are offered for pre-payment in full or for families with multiple patients.
  • We accept cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, and debit cards. Automatic monthly payment options are also provided to make it more convenient for you to get your bill paid on time.
  • Payments are also accepted through our website. Patients are given a personalized/secure Login username and password to access their statements and pay their bills.


We accept most major insurance plans as well as Health Savings Accounts (HSA). Since Johnson Family Orthodontics is an in-network/preferred provider for many of the major insurance companies, you can maximize your insurance benefits more easily. As a service to our patients, we are happy to verify your orthodontic benefits and process your insurance forms for you.

Please call Johnson Family Orthodontics for a free consult and we take all of your insurance information over the phone to have an accurate estimate of your benefits to discuss with you at your first appointment.